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About our company

EL-ENG - Professional partner for electric engineering and services

Our company EL-ENG was founded on 3rd July 2006 and for the whole time of its operation it provides complex services in the field of energetics. We employ professionals in the fields of technical planning, running and realization of constructions.

EL-ENG offers solutions in the extent from project documentation through engineering, realization of industrial installations, measuring and regulation and even maintenance and outsourcing services of finished installations. In cases of realizations where the more significant portion of structure composes of technological parts, EL-ENG operates as a general supplier.

Behind the establishment of EL-ENG are professionals who in the field of industrial electric installations had their hands in realizations of the most important constructions in Czech Republic and in Slovakia.

EL-ENG operates in Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. It regularly achieves a turnover of 150-200 million CZK and so it ranks as a medium company.